Before I Say

Building stronger relationships

How prepared is your relationship toolbox?

Before you walk down the aisle and say “I do”, how prepared is your marriage toolbox? How is your communication? How well are you dealing with conflict resolution? When the dating phase is gone, do you want some tips on how to keep the love alive?

Before I Say “I Do”

How is your relationship toolbox? Are you feeling your relationship is getting serious, but do not know if you are ready to take next steps? Maybe you are further along in your relationship and are engaged, do you feel like you are ready to say ‘I do’ to each other? If you are dating, or engaged and are looking to take a step further in preparing for that next step, this is what the before I say seminars are all about!

Next session begins: April 3, 2024

Before I Get Serious

Are you and your partner in talks about marriage, but haven’t popped the question yet? Maybe you haven’t talked about marriage yet, but are wondering if you are compatible with each other. How confident are you in saying “yes” if a marriage proposal were to happen? Our desire is to give tools to couples to allow them to assess if they are ready to commit to each other. Each night is designed like a date night where couples will discuss a new topic to help understand each other better. Couples will have moments where they can discuss the topic between themselves over coffee, snacks, and dessert (you can say “yes” to dessert too!).

Next session: TBA

General Seminar Outline

Each session will follow a similar format:

OPENING  |  5–10 minutes
  • Greeting
Light Icebreaker/Intro of Topics  |  5 minutes
  • We’ll prepare a light icebreaker each week that corresponds with the topic.
  • Each week, two different topics will be discussed.
  • Intro question for whole group to discuss.
Overview of Topics  |  15–20 minutes
  • Teaching on the topic (e.g. communication)
  • Each couple will discuss the topic with questions given to them as well as their prepare and enrich results.
Dessert Break  |  15 minutes


Overview of Second Topic  |  15–20 minutes
  • Teaching on the topic (e.g. communication 2.0)
  • Each couple will discuss the topic with questions given to them.
CLOSING  |  10 minutes
  • Review of the topics discussed and take some moments for couples to reflect.
  • On some days, we will have activities or have a video played.
  • We will have different guest speakers to come in and share, so this will take up some time as well.
  • On the last day, we will ask you to complete a survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to talk about our relationship in front of other people?

No, you are welcome to if you are open to, but the only time you will be speaking about your relationship is with your partner.

Who comes to the seminar? Is it just for engaged couples and young couples or is there something for mature couples too?

The seminar “Before I Say ‘Yes’” is catered towards couples who are not yet engaged and have never been married before.

The seminar “Before I Say ‘I Do’” will cover material for new couples who have never been married. Mature couples are welcome to come to this seminar, but know it is catered for a specific demographic.

What is provided?

We will be providing snacks, coffee, tea, a couple’s workbook, and an assessment test through prepare-enrich. ‘Prepare-enrich’ ( is an assessment test to help better understand yourself and your partners styles, habits, family, communication, etc. It will be used as a guide to help during the seminars.

How should I dress?

Dress for a fun time, relaxing time. Wear something comfortable such as jeans and a t-shirt.

Can we promote the seminar in our church or community?

Yes! It would be great to have additional help spreading this seminar.  For more information, send an e-mail to or go to

What should we bring?

When you check in, you will receive a pen, the couple’s workbook, and a name tag. You are encouraged to bring a notebook if you would like to take any notes, but it is not necessary.

Do you provide child care?

At this time, we currently do NOT offer child care, but in some special cases, we are willing to make some exceptions. Please contact for any further questions.

Is it possible for only one partner to attend?

This seminar is built around both parties being present for the seminar. Much of the time during the seminar will be spent around discussing with your partner different topics. If individuals were to register, they would not benefit from the discussion portion of the night.

What exactly does the registration fee include?

The registration fee includes snacks, the prepare-enrich assessment ($35), and the workbook ($25).

Is this seminar just for Christians?

No, it is not. The seminar is open to all couples who are looking to engage further with their partner prior to marriage or prior to getting engaged.

Who can attend?

The “Before I Get Serious” seminar is catered to couples who are looking to get engaged.  Couples who have talked about marriage, or are thinking about marriage, this seminar is for you!

The “Before I Say ‘I Do’” seminar is catered to couples who are already engaged and are planning their wedding. If you are married and did not have a chance to get some marriage tools for your toolbox, you are also welcome to join, but know the material is geared around couples who are engaged.